PracXchange B2B Supply Chain Hub

B2B Supply Chain Hub allows organisation to expand their supply chain community without the need to worry about the variations of integration, messaging standards, communication protocol required with their trading partners. It acts as a secure supply chain gateway to the external network. Documents which you require to transact with buyers, suppliers or banks, can be managed by this gateway. Hence, back office application only handles one single format/process and leaves the rest of the tasks to the gateway, such as data synchronization and conversion, channels of delivery, security compliance and communication protocol and recovery. The modules in the PracXchange are architecturally designed to offer a secure environment possible for valuable business and financial documents to be transmitted and archived.

  • Security and Communication Manager - handles digital signature on documents to ensure non-repudiation between senders and recipients
  • EC Mailbox - handles trading partner relationship and profiles
  • Translation Manager - handles structured messages/standards such as GS1 ebXML, EDI as well as other proprietary format such as SAP and other ERP formats
  • Validation Engine - validates trading partner identification, standard compliance
  • Reporting Engine - manages audit trail of messages in and out
  • Delivery Manager - handles different modes of delivery, such as Internet portal, B2B Client, or even fax and secure email