PracBiz's Distributor programme offers your organisation a way to streamline time-consuming, labour-intensive receivables processing functions; control costs, strengthen customer relationships, and channel resources for optimal returns.

Together with a PracBiz bank partner, your payments will be accelerated and you will be able to outsource a significant portion of your accounts receivable and credit/collection functions, allowing you to focus on increasing sales for business growth.

Seller Benefits

PracBiz's PBXchange boasts an e-order module, through both web and app, which you can offer your buyers for improved customer experience.

This module can be integrated to your ERP for a fully digitised sell-to-collect process. E-orders are converted to e-POs, checked and drawn against inventory; e-invoices raised and the amount charged to your buyer's MasterCard Business Card and payment made into your bank account within 2 business days.
Daily automated 3-way matching and reconciliation powers valuable resources to be deployed to more strategic work
Off balancesheet benefits with significant reduction in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) to potentially 2 days
The potential to build a loyalty programme which runs on the bank partner's card payment platform
Savings on paper trail activities such as tracing lost documents, copying, imaging and filing
Sales/Drivers can focus on increasing sales/doing more runs
Simplifies purchasing operations for your buyer, creating a faster delivery process
Eliminates manual data entry reducing errors and rework
Outsourced credit risk and collection to a bank