PBXchange allows both buyers and sellers to expand their supply chain community without the need to worry about the variations of integration, messaging standards and communication protocol required for a fully digitised ecosystem.

Your back room systems only need to manage one format of your critical documents, such as purchase order and invoice. PBXchange will handle the data synchronization and conversion, channels of delivery, security compliance and system recovery.

Buyer Benefits

PracBiz enables your organisation to gain greater operational and capital efficiency through a digitised and integrated procure-to-pay process
Accurate budgeting and accrual forecasting with high visibility into your trade payables
Daily automated 3-way matching and reconciliation powers valuable resources to be deployed to more strategic work
Savings on paper trail activities such as tracing lost documents, copying, imaging and filing
Improved supplier relationship with faster payment
Eliminates manual data entry, reducing errors and rework
Reduces unmatched invoices to save time and investigative work