Simple. Intuitive. Practical

Our solutions are built with our customers' interest in mind. They are simple, intuitive and practical and with the necessary built-in intelligence, our users will enjoy the smoothest learning curve.

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Smart solutions that leave you more time to focus on your core business

We offer various products and services to help you manage your daily transactions more efficiently and effectively.

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Services that understand
your business

With our experienced professional services and carefully planned customer onboarding processes, our customers will not encounter any surprises that will affect their day-to-day operation.

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Innovative B2B supply chain solutions that empower you with real-time business intelligence

Electronic Bill
and Payment

Go paperless by sending bills to consumers via online presentment or emails.

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An array of services to assist customers in handling complex supply-chain transactions.

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About Us

PracBiz is a leading provider of B2B supply chain solution in the grocery retail industry in Singapore. Retailers and suppliers are exchanging business and financial documents, such as purchase orders, sales orders, invoices and credit notes, securely via the PracXchange B2B SC Hub.

Our products

B2B Supply Chain

B2B Supply Chain Hub allows organization to expand their supply chain community without the need to worry about the variations of integration, messaging standards, communication protocol required with their trading partners.

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Having bills and invoices going electronic format has proven to offer tremendous savings in operational overheads for all parties in the supply chain. Many financial firms, chain stores and suppliers have benefited from PracBiz solutions.

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iSprint Pre-qualified Solution

OMI (Order Management & Inventory System) is another proven platform from PracBiz. We have proven experience with many years in the supply-chain industry. A well blended solution between good business practices and local distribution house operation. Our intuitive user-interface allows SME to adapt to the system easily and spending less time learning and navigating through screens.

News Update!! OMI has been pre-qualified as a iSprint enhanced packaged solution. The price is deductible up to 70%. With the enhanced programme, customer needs only to pay close to only 30% of the price, of which the amount is further claimable through PIC.

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